Welcome friends!  I am incredibly grateful and feeling so over the top excited to launch my tiny nook on the interwebs.  As you’ll see, most of what you’ll find on my site is about Young Living which at the very core feels like my foundation.  Like I’m building something from the ground-up (think root chakra).  Young Living’s history and stability, along with their integrity and what they stand for is what I plan to share, shout from the rooftops, and will catapult me into the next chapter of my life.  I am certain of it, and so proud to be part of this incredible organization.

You’ll also going to find my personal blog, where you are reading right now!   If you’ve been following me on social www.facebook.com/optinwithericalyn or on IG at e_r_i_c_a_l_y_n  I’ve been sort of practicing the art of blogging, and sharing, something that feels way out of my comfort zone.  The reason a personal blog is important is because Young Living is just one part of my wellness routine, and the graphic I posted about the various dimensions of wellness needs no explanation.   I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach, and we learned about something called Primary and Secondary foods.  Secondary is all about nutrition, but primary is everything else that nourishes us; relationships, activity, career, and spirituality.  They are literally all integrated, overlapping one another.   Taking a holistic approach is nothing new, but I have a feeling that most of us think that being healthy means eating “right” and exercising.  Yes, that’s part of it, a BIG part, but not the whole shebang.  I put “right” in quotations because another component of our studies was the concept of bio-individuality.  One person’s food can be another’s poison.   It is crucial to know our bodies; there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.   My goal as a health coach is to help you understand what this all means and cut through the chaos of all the information out there.  It can be an overwhelming, daunting experience which causes discouragement and ultimately creates these viscous cycles that’s hard to break.   Working side by side we’ll create something really special.  It’s a sacred space where we focus on YOU.   Whether you want to lose weight or not, you’ll be in a completely safe place to be vulnerable without judgement.  It is an absolute privilege to serve in this way, and I am fully aware of the responsibilities that come with this potential life-changing work.  It is my calling,

Over the years I’ve saved many quotes in my iPhone and used them as ‘kick-offs’ to get the ‘journal juices’ flowing as I like to say.  One of my favorites is from Gary Zukav’s book Seat of the Soul.   “When your personality aligns with your purpose, that’s the definition of empowerment.” Whoa.  That shook me to my core.  And that’s what I want for you.  To be shaken out of your comfort zone, to shift your thoughts, and really get to know yourself at the soul level.  That’s where transformation takes place and magic starts to happen!

My next blog post I’m going to get real vulnerable with you guys.  I’ll share a bit of my journey as to what got me here.  It’ll be raw, but I made a promise to myself and to my audience that I’m going to show up authentically and regularly.  I am all about connecting with people and if I can’t stand in my absolute truth then it’s a waste of time for everyone.  And I’m real mindful of time management these days, so putting something of value out there is a responsibility.

Okay well, I feel like that’s a good place to conclude my first blog post.  Thank you for reading til the end.   I guess did something right 🙂