Imagine this:

You have no boss. You have no commute. You’re there for your kids. You are financially set and helping others do the same. You get to choose how to design your days.

Sound good?

Of course it does.

What about real wealth?  Financial security to the nth degree.  Legacy income for your children and your children’s children.  Retire yourself and your spouse early kind of income.

You can have it all with Network Marketing.

After spending 3 days in Las Vegas at an event called The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing, I feel an overwhelming responsibility to share this information with the masses.

Network marketing simply stated means partnering with a company to educate and promote awareness of a product.

Avon, Tupperware and Mary Kay are a few of the pioneers in Network Marketing.  More and more companies find compensating their customers to share the value of products vs. spending on advertising and marketing to be highly effective.

I think it’s brilliant.

Residual, or passive income by definition means ‘income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.’

The operative words here are ‘regular basis’.  This income is recession-proof and guaranteed as long as you work hard at the early stages.

Many of the presenters spoke about how they could easily sit back and never work again given the amount of income they were making.  However, they all had a burning desire to pay it forward to share their strategies and experience with as many people as possible.   When  you’re passionate about something and the results are  life-changing, you want to shout it out from the rooftops.

I was so moved by these women; their stories, their drive, and most importantly how everything is fueled by love.  Network Marketing at its core is about helping others.  It’s a heart-centered profession (yes, profession) that thrives on lifting others up and believing in them, and creating a vision of a future they may not always see for themselves.  When you operate from this sacred space, the income will naturally flow.  GUARANTEED.

I chose to partner with Young Living Essential Oils because I love their products and mission,  which is driven by philanthropy.  There are many direct selling companies so if essential oils aren’t your thing, find something that resonates.  Become a customer and their biggest fan.  And even if you don’t get into the business, you’re supporting a friend, neighbor, or someone in your community.  Doesn’t that feel better than giving your hard-earned money to Amazon?  🙂

If you are genuinely approached about Network Marketing from someone, don’t blow it off and say ‘ughhh, is this one of those pyramid schemes?’  If you want a laugh, google “I still think it’s a pyramid scheme”. It’s a 3 minute cartoon which cleverly shuts down every objection you can think of.

I’ll wrap this post up with some science. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and your imagination. What we place in our imagination with great intent and certainty that it will become our reality is when subconscious mind gets to work. It will seek out experiences and opportunities to match your desires placed into your imagination. That is the definition of manifesting. Be aware of your thoughts and what you imagine. If you need some ideas, I believe I put some good ones at the beginning of this post 🙂