Let’s start with a true story!

For the past 25 years (damn that makes me feel old!) me and a few girlfriends head to Atlantic City for what I like to call a Besties, Booze & Blackjack weekend.  The last time we went I brought a bottle of essential oil called Abundance.  It’s a blend of Orange and Ginger among other oils which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity, as well as magnify joy and peace.  Sounds good right?!  While in our hotel room getting ready to go to the casino I asked my friends to apply a few drops to their wrists and blend it in around their neck and collarbone areas.  As we were applying the oil I said “Let’s set an intention. Abundance is our birthright. Tonight we will win money and our intention is to have a great time no matter what!”   My friends giggled, rolled their eyes and poked fun at my woo-woo ways and off we went.

Now, in order to really appreciate this story, you need to know that for the past 10 years we have a tradition.  The first thing we do when we get to the casino is we each chip in $20 and play a $5 slot machine, our favorite is Wheel of Fortune.  There’s four of us so $80 goes into the pot.  The very first time we played 10 years ago we won $1,000.  Year after year since, we walked away with no winnings.

But this last time when we set the intention and used Abundance, we won $2,000!

Was it luck?  Was it because we set a positive intention to win?  Was it the essential oil?  I think all of the above!

This is a classic example of the Law of Attraction at work.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know it’s based on our vibration.  The Law of Attraction is as real as the Law of Gravity.  The Law of Attraction is the basis of all creation and our reality whether we’re consciously aware or not.  We are all energetic beings,  and to use the Law of Attraction in our favor, we have to be mindful of what vibe we put ‘out there’ into the Universe.

Think of our vibe as a spiral.  At the very top we find ourselves feeling grateful, joyous, peaceful and loving.  The very bottom of the spiral are feelings of depression, despair, and hopelessness.  There are a variety of emotions in between, and then you have neutral right smack in the middle.   Click the link for a visual:

Learn How To Move UP The (Vibrational) Emotional Scale

When we set a positive intention, it’s crucial to harness the emotional signature of what that intention feels like, even if it’s not in your reality.  Just saying the words won’t work unless you are in a higher vibration, or emotional state.  So for example, if I am going on a job interview and I want the position badly, I will affirm that I am a perfect candidate and I am well qualified  for the role.  And then set an intention that I am going to ace the interview.   As we set these intentions, actually feel those feelings!  In your mind’s eye see yourself in the interview totally at ease and answering the questions, watching yourself accept the position once it’s offered and visualize doing the actual job.  Get excited!  Our imagination is the foundation to making our deepest desires come true, and combining it with setting positive intentions and being mindful of where we are on the emotional scale is when we can see our lives shift in dramatic ways!

Okay so how do essential oils fit into the equation?

As I mentioned earlier, everything is energy, even the chair you’re sitting on.  Some substances vibrate at a higher frequency than others. Essential oil is the highest vibrational substance on the planet!  They are highly concentrated constituents and more potent than the plant, herb or fruit they come from which is why they are so powerful.  The therapeutic benefits are plenty, and the reason why they have gained so much popularity in recent years, even though they’ve been used for centuries!

When we use an essential oil, whether we apply it on our skin or inhale it, our vibration will naturally rise up.  Scent is the strongest of our senses, and when we smell the aroma of an essential oil it passes through our olfactory bulb in our sinus cavity which has lots of receptors and membranes, and then stimulates the limbic system in our brain.  This is the emotional command center which stores memories, how we respond to stress among many other functions.   It’s so important to use authentic oils like Young Living.  So many companies sell oils for cheap because they’re diluted with fillers and fragrance which is code for toxic chemicals created in a laboratory to mimic the smell of lemon, peppermint, etc.   Our bodies don’t speak synthetic so it won’t respond to foreign entities that make its way through our system.  Use the real thing!

Anyway – back to using oils.  Truth be told you don’t need them to practice the Law of Attraction, although I’m a fan of leveraging anything I can to help raise my vibration!  When I use them I can feel my energy shift; they make me feel better and happier, therefore my vibration is higher!

Young Living has a lot of blends where several oils are combined synergystically.  Using them with intention amplifies their power.  Here are some of my favorites:

Surrender:  when i have trouble letting go of shit I have no control over.

Gratitude: when I feel like I’ve lost sight of the big picture and need to be reminded of all the good in my life, and knowing the more I practice an attitude of gratitude more good will show up.

Hope:  been diffusing this almost daily.  Don’t think I need to go into the reasons why….

Joy:  I put a few drops over my heart every day.  This blend has Rose which has the highest frequency of all essential oils.   If you are trying to manifest a romantic relationship, bring Joy into  your life!

Abundance:  the key to manifesting abundance (like financial) is when using this oil with intention is to trust the money will come.  When we are in the vibration of ‘wanting’ money, that’s a vibration of lack, which is not a high vibe emotion.  Remember the Universe doesn’t hear words, it’s our vibe, so whatever we are sending out energetically will come back to us like a boomerang.  Refrain from language and thoughts of “I can’t afford that”, or “when I get the money I’ll…..” because you’ll get caught in a cycle of unwanted experiences and situations.

At the end of the day we all want the same things; to be in good health, have financial stability & freedom, be in loving relationships, and have thriving & satisfying careers.  Yet we struggle with some or all of these at different stages in our lives.   Wherever we are challenged, keep in mind we have everything we truly need because it’s an inside job.  I just scratched the surface on the Law of Attraction.  If you want more info check out The Secret book or documentary.  For ‘next level’ LOA content while keeping an open mind,  check out The Stream of David and Abraham-Hicks

I’m pretty sure my Atlantic City girl gang won’t be giving me the ol’ eye roll again 🙂