I’ve been thinking a lot lately about miracles.  I don’t know about you, but just the sound of the word, miracle, stirs something inside me.   Think about the power and concept for a minute, and you’ll probably start to remember stories that have happened to you, your family, or a stranger you read about on the internet.

Most likely, these memories are somewhat grand in nature.  Like when you hear someone survived a horrific car accident, we’d say something like ‘it’s a miracle he survived!”

Did you know that miracles are supposed to occur regularly in our lives?  I’m speaking of the small wins, when things just work out, these are also considered miracles.

For example, this past weekend Jason and I drove into Manhattan to meet friends for brunch.  The restaurant was located in Greenwich Village, a densely populated neighborhood.  I had already queued up Google maps as we approached our destination to find parking garages nearby.  We drove slowly down Bank Street and we both gasped.  Is that a spot?!  Wait, is there a fire hydrant?  Will we block a driveway?  Are there any signs that say we can’t park here?  SCORE!  The spot was literally in front of the restaurant.  If you drive in NYC, you understand what a blissful moment this can be.  And I just smiled, because that was a miracle.

So, how can we experience more of these  moments in our lives?

  1.  Pay attention!  You might not think getting a parking spot is a miracle, but I can assure you when you become consciously aware of these tiny wins, more will start to show up.
  2.  Gratitude.  This shouldn’t be a surprise.  Whenever something good happens and we express our gratitude in whichever way we feel aligned, more wonderful things will come our way.
  3.  Squash limiting beliefs.  This is where most of us get tripped up.  It’s not uncommon for us to unconsciously block ourselves from receiving.  We think other people deserve things more than us, and so if we want something, it means that we’re being greedy and something bad will happen if we get what we asked for.  Sound familiar? Well guess what?  There’s enough to go around for everyone!  Abundance on every level is our birthright.  When we are aligned with what we want to manifest in our life from our heart, our soul-perspective and not our ego, that’s when the magic happens.  Meet your new best friends Meditation and Prayer which will strengthen your ability to recognize your intuition vs. confusing it with ego, or wishful thinking.  Here’s a great vlog that explains how you can tell the difference.  From there, taking inspired action will then lead you on a path that you might have missed if you weren’t doing the inner work.  Then, watch how miracles will start to show up consistently.

When miracles aren’t occurring regularly take stock in what’s happening in your life.  Where are you with your relationship, family, career?  Are you taking care of yourself?   I started to recognize small miracles soon after I ended my marriage because I began to live my life authentically, or in ‘flow’.  I’ll save it for another post, but man, you guys would be blown away of what transpired.  Miracles were showing up in so many unexpected ways I lost count!

Miracles are available to all of us.  Harnessing the power of intention combined with these practices will raise your vibration and the Universe will reward you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

I’d love to hear your miracle stories!